Rex Responds: Three Questions

As readers of know, we like to periodically respond to some questions from our fans, the public, people on the street and anyone else who has a question for us.  So, here we (we in this case being Rex!) go….

Question #1: What has been your favorite attraction opening or first ride that you have attended.

We have been lucky beyond belief to attend amazing openings and first rides around the country and picking my favorite is really difficult. However, there is one that stands out both due to the amazing nature of the opening and its gateway to a “new world” in the theme park openings of major attractions. Of course, that is our attendance at the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure in Orlando.

The Beast and I were genuinely amazed and stunned to watch the crowds and the issues surrounding opening day. The theme park industry had never seen anything like this before–but it has now become a not unusual occurrence (see Diagon Alley, Pandora, Volcano Bay)–but nothing will ever top opening day at The Wizarding World (um,….except…maybe Galaxy’s Edge?…To be determined!).

However I can’t possibly not at least mention the amazing time I had attending “Sound Check” at Hard Rock Park! Getting to be on the first ride of Led Zeppelin–The Ride and having Steven Goodwin (CEO of Hard Rock Park) yell down at me (“Hey, Rex!! I see you…where are you going first!!!”) from the top of the roof of one of the buildings as I enjoyed my first look at Hard Rock Park was pretty cool!


Question #2: What is your favorite Halloween Horror Nights year.

For all kinds of reasons, my favorite Halloween Horror Nights remains HHN13 from 2003 (the first year we attended). This is a shot of me and my date at Port of Evil!

I know, that seems ridiculous as the overall concept of the houses, the theming and many other aspects of HHN have simply gotten better and better over the years. However, as you know, we believe strongly that the excitement, amazement and fun from the first time at an event can overpower positive changes that come in the future (hence, the reason fans get in an uproar over what is really a crappy attraction being replaced by a new attraction–they remember the initial excitement, and nostalgia wins the day). Well, this is one of those times.  I have enjoyed nearly every year of HHN and some of the recent years have been amazing, but none are burned into my memory like that first year we went in 2003 at Island of Adventure!

Question #3: Is Tom Cruise running one of the greatest things in Movies.


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