On the RATB Twitter account, we have been anticipating a new development for Well, the time has come to reveal the exciting news!

For several years now, has been primarily engaged in the Halloween seasonal attractions, with Halloween Horror Nights at the Universal Orlando Resort as our top priority. Thus, our website has remained somewhat silent throughout the year until the “haunting months” of September and October.

Well, our love for Halloween Horror Nights and other haunted attractions isn’t going anywhere (we have attended HHN since 2003), but we are thrilled to announce today a new weekly podcast that will keep updated and active throughout the remainder of the year. This will be the first time since 2008-2009 that will be contributing content as theme park enthusiasts year-round.

The new podcast is called “Theme Park Essentials with Rex and the Beast.” In this half-hour show, we will discuss “three things you need to know and one you don’t!” Rex and I will summarize three things that people have been talking about the previous week and provide our own unique RATB spin on them, and then we will highlight one thing that probably no one cares about! But hopefully, after we are finished talking about it, you will be intrigued.

The podcast will be available every Thursday at 3:00 pm eastern time. 
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We hope you will tune in and join the discussion with – Join the Journey!

Here is a video of us making the podcast announcement!

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