Version 3.0

Our recent website design overhaul marks the third time has experienced a cosmetic change. Here are a few thoughts from years gone by….

Version 1.0

Rex and I were so excited to be launching in December of 2007. Much has changed in design philosophy since that time – whereas creativity and “look” were paramount for us when we started, we have attempted to evolve into a website where information is more easily accessible right from the home page without sacrificing a beautiful design. In this first version, we just wanted a cool looking site, and we got it. Version 1.0 is still the most visually striking incarnation of RATB and will always hold a special place in our hearts. The photo in-between Rex and I would rotate every time the page was visited, making for a fresh and unique experience. But, the downside was that folks had to click through multiple times to find content. Most of what we came to embrace and identify as RATB stemmed from this original design, such as Audio Journeys Podcast and our signature trip videos.

Version 2.0


RATB version 2.0 attempted to bring tons of content right on the homepage in a way that fit together nicely. Although this version had great potential, I continued to struggle with the Drupal platform on which the site was based and found the use of memory and overall speed of the site to be less than stellar. This version was released right about the time Rex and I began to slow down our theme park adventures, so it was not used to its fullest potential.

Version 3.0

Alas, here we are at our third version. What makes us so happy and excited about version 3.o is, not only does it look fantastic with plenty of content available right on the homepage, but we have migrated to a WordPress platform which makes updating, videos, podcasts, and all the rest so much easier to produce and maintain. I believe we will be happy with version 3.0 for quite some time. So, all that is left to do now is get some theme park journeys going!

For those of you who have stuck with us during the slow times (all 6 of you), thanks so much! For those of you who might be new, stick around. We still have a little more ammunition in the barrel.

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