The 2014 Season Begins!

The 2014 theme park season is upon us and there are a few interesting events taking place right here at the beginning of the season. will be checking out some exciting events over the next few weeks and months and documenting them on the website so you can “join the journey” with us. Here are a few things we will be doing:

1. Rex has already been tasting the ultimate in theme park thrills by taking a family trip to the theme park capital of the world – Orlando, FL. What better way to get the season started than by experiencing the best of both the Walt-Disney World Resort and Universal Studios? We will be asking Rex about his trip on an upcoming podcast of “Audio Journeys with RexandtheBeast.”

2. King’s Island, one of the best theme parks in the world, is unleashing the Banshee, their new inverted roller coaster that boasts of being the longest in the world. Banshee opens to the public on April 18 and we will be there to document the excitement.

3. Kentucky Kingdom is back and, hopefully, stronger than ever. With Ed Hart back in the directors chair, RATB is hopeful that Kentucky Kingdom will reclaim its former legacy of being one of the best small parks in the eastern U.S. We will be present opening day to capture all the fun and excitement.

And all that just gets us through the spring. – Join the Journey!

1 comment on “The 2014 Season Begins!

  1. Barry aka "Keys" says:

    Way to go guys! Can’t wait to hear your next report.

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