Theme Park Emotions

On many of our RexandtheBeast trips we are pushed for time and have to hustle from park to park or attraction to attraction and find ourselves back at the airport at the end of a trip thinking, what just happened?

We have had the good fortune to ride great attractions all over the country and to attend many of the great theme park events in theme parks from California to Florida.

But when I think about the great moments we have had on our trips, the things I think about first tend not to be the roaring coasters or even the thrilling Halloween Horror Nights houses (although I think about those often as well), but I think about moments like this at EPCOT:


A great nighttime shot of the Beast as the sun was going down. I still remember taking this picture, the feeling of watching the sun do down, the color of the sky and the feel of the air in EPCOT that night–and this trip was 9 years ago. These “emotional” theme park moments are what I think are most memorable and exciting about what RATB does.

A second type of memory that sticks in my mind from RATB trips are the funny, unusual or unanticipated events that occur during our trips. One of the all-time great pictures evidencing one of those moments is this one:


That is Rex, the Beast (looking sort of like Kid Rock) and our brother-in-law, Andy, after the most epic ride on Dueling Dragons (RIP) ever. Just as we headed up the lift hill, a monstrous rain storm hit and we laughed the entire ride as it felt like we were being pelted with paintballs the whole time. Another picture that shows this type of feeling is one of our fun pics in front of Tower of Terror:


What is the point of all of this? Simple. While you are rushing to check out Diagon Alley again or make your next FP+ time, don’t lose track of the moments that can resonate in your mind longer than any of those, which are those moments of quiet beauty or funny camaraderie or simply craziness of the moment that can happen–even in the middle of a theme park!


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