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Rex Responds: Three Questions

As readers of know, we like to periodically respond to some questions from our fans, the public, people on the street and anyone else who has a question for us.  So, here we (we in this case being Rex!) go…. Question #1: What has been your favorite attraction opening or first ride that you […]

Disney Aulani

Well, me (Rex) and my family are heading to Hawaii to check out the Disney Aulani Resort for the first time. I have been to Hawaii many times, but have never made it to the Aulani, so this is going to be an exciting trip! I will keep you updated with pictures, tweets, and videos […]

Amusement Parks in the Sky

I had the opportunity this past weekend to drop by what we refer to at as one of the Amusement Parks in the Sky–Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. My family had spent the weekend in Aspen and on the drive back to Denver you go through Glenwood Springs (where Doc Holliday is buried and partook of […]

Vacation: Holiday Road

A couple of months ago, I was watching the new trailer for the Vacation movie that hit theaters last weekend. This is a sequel of sorts to the original series of Vacation movies in that Rusty, the son of Clark and Ellen Griswold, has grown up and decided to take his own family on a vacation […]