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Skyplex. Coming to Orlando?

As fans of know, our focus is on enjoying the theme/amusement park experience. Therefore, we do not spend a lot of time being critics of parks with “sky is falling” analysis, but we do give our thoughts on attractions, parks and experiences. However, we do have some concerns with the potential Skyplex development that […]

Theme Park, Thrill Park, Amusement Park ...

As you are probably already well aware, at, Rex and the Beast refer to and discuss various destinations that we visit.  A basic question that we are asked from time to time is:  What is the difference between a “Theme Park”, a “Thrill Park” and an “Amusement Park?”  The answer to that question is […]

#1 James Bond Theme Song

#1 James Bond Theme Song

Well, as it always does on these Top 5 Lists, we have come down to Number 1.  Many of you I'm sure have figured out what these one is, it is a great song that totally captures the spirit of Bond, right down to the simple statement of the title:  Nobody Does It Better From […]