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Audio Journeys with RexandtheBeast Podcast #3

  Our Audio Journeys with RexandtheBeast podcast #3 is now available for download. Subscribe to our podcast now! Click here to visit the podcast page. Our guest Barry's blog, which is mentioned in the podcast where he writes about his trip to Universal Studios with Rex, can be found here. Below is a picture of the infamous…

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Audio Journeys with RexandtheBeast Podcast #2

  The second podcast of Audio Journeys with RexandtheBeast is now available for download.  If you are not subscribed to the podcast, do that now! Click Here for the Podcast Page

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The Classic “Gwazi” On-Ride Photo

  Click below to see the classic and incredible on-ride photo from the Gwazi roller coaster at Bush Gardens in Tampa, FL. This photo remains the greatest on-ride photo ever taken. It really appears that Rex is seriously studying the park map as we descend at 60 MPH. I am pointing at the map, as…

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Journeys with RexandtheBeast Podcast!

  The official podcast of is now available for subscription! You can hear us discuss our views on various parks as we work our way through different segments of a 30 minute podcast discussion. The podcast is called "Journeys with RexandtheBeast." To subscribe to the podcast or visit the podcast archive, click here!

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New Picture Content

  Disneyland pictures from our 2007 trip have been added to the Pictures section.  Enjoy!

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Less Than a Month Away

  We are less than a month away from the next official RexandtheBeast trip.  We are heading down to Tampa, FL to visit the great Busch Gardens.  Busch Gardens holds a special place in the hearts of Rex and the Beast because it was at this park, many moons ago, that the all time greatest…

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Answering Rex’s Question

  Rex had some Thoughts on Islands of Adventure a few days ago in which he named IOA his favorite theme park. At the end of his blog, he asked which park was my favorite, correctly narrowing the options down to the Magic Kingdom or IOA. Below is my brief response. Rex is correct to…

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Dollywood – This Place Smells

  The last RexandtheBeast adventure was a Thanksgiving trip to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN.  Unfortunately, Rex was unable to make the trip due to a last minute issue, but I still went with my family, including my niece Bella (you can see me holding her in the Dollywood pictures).  Rex and I will be soon…

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User Comments Now Available

  Several of you have asked about having the ability to leave comments for us on our site. So, on blogs, videos, and all future pictures, you will have the opportunity to leave comments. Enjoy!

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  We have already been getting requests for merchandise, so we just want to let everyone know that we will soon have a link available where you can purchase t-shirts, stickers, glasses, etc. We will keep you updated!

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