When The Masses Are Confused

The Universal Orlando Resort still has a communication problem. Aside from the die-hard fans and season pass holders, the masses remain confused by the various names for the parks and entertainment the resort has to offer. Allow me to sum up the differences in the names and then provide an example of how the confusion…

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Howl-O-Scream 2013 Trip Report/Review

Due to the close proximity of Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL to the Universal Orlando Resort, Rex and I typically make the quick trip over to Howl-O-Scream to experience the horror they have in store for haunt lovers. This year was no different. Thus, it was on Friday evening, September 27, around 5:30 pm that…

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Halloween Horror Nights 23 – Orlando

Rex and I are back at it this year for Halloween. We jump on a plane for our “home away from home” (Orlando, FL) on September 26th to experience 3 days and nights of theme park and Halloween fun. In addition to enjoying Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios (with new attractions such as Transformers…

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Our recent website design overhaul marks the third time has experienced a cosmetic change. Here are a few thoughts from years gone by…. Version 1.0 Rex and I were so excited to be launching in December of 2007. Much has changed in design philosophy since that time – whereas creativity and “look” were…

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Rex and the Beast Update

Hey everyone, Rex and the Beast here with a quick update about what is happening with the website and our theme park adventures. Back in 2007 when we launched RATB, things were quite different for me and Rex. Neither of us had children and due to other circumstances in our lives at the time, we…

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We have arrived once again at the greatest time of year. There is something incredibly special about the season of Fall, a time when the air is crisp, the colors are beautiful, and the scares begin. Halloween and the “Festival of Fear” have become an important part of We have traveled from one side…

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JAWS the Ride Remembered

  Goodbyes are never easy. When I learned that Universal Studios Florida would be closing both the JAWS attraction and the entire Amity Island in January of 2012, I was stunned, saddened, and a little mad. Why the short notice? Why destroy a legend? Why not rip out some other part of the park that…

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City of the Dead Haunted House – a documentary

In the summer and fall of 2012, Rex and the Beast filmed a behind-the-scenes documentary on one of Denver’s best haunted houses, the City of the Dead. For the first time, this documentary is available for free on our website. Enjoy!

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Magic Kingdom and the Definite Article

The use of language as it pertains to theme parkdom can be an interesting study. As with any specific, targeted genre there are grammatically correct uses of certain words and phrases as well as the acceptable use of the "spoken language." In other words, there may be appropriate times when the spoken language does not match up…

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