HHN25: Walking Dead–Again

Well, Universal Orlando officially announced what we all knew was coming for some time now: The Walking Dead is returning to Halloween Horror Nights 25 for the fourth consecutive year. The Beast and I are not huge TWD fans and, in general, not as big a fan of the “IP” houses at HHN as we are “original” houses, but we are taking this announcement in stride for a few reasons.

Last year’s TWD house was by far our favorite TWD house and we hope that Universal can continue the upswing in the houses based on this franchise. Also, TWD is still a big draw both as a TV show and as a concept and it does bring a wide swath of attention to HHN (an event that we know is really hurting for attendance and attention!). An additional odd benefit of a TWD house is that it helps with the crowds in the other parts of the park! The crowds for TWD house are usually insane (multiple hours sometimes last year), and that allows for at least a little respite in some of the other scarezones and houses.

We have discussed our preference for original over IP houses, with an understanding that a great IP house is obviously better than an average original house.  And, of course, our preference notwithstanding, this issue is pretty much dead–IP houses are here to stay and we are going to be lucky to have 1-2 original houses per year from here on out (and HHN24 was a great year for IP houses, maybe the best).

So, although this is not a surprising or tremendously exciting announcement, it is another fun step on our journey to HHN25 (Rex and the Beast will be there opening night). So, we’ll see you there!

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