Our Favorite Maze – Halloween Horror Nights 13

Rex and I arrive in Orlando, FL for Halloween Horror Nights 25 on Thursday, September 17. Every day until our arrival, we will post our favorite maze from every year of HHN, starting with the first year we attended, HHN 13 (2003). Because there have been so many superb houses over the years, some events are more difficult to pick one definitive favorite. But, that is part of the fun. So, enjoy!

Rex’s Favorite Maze From HHN 13: Psycho Scareapy
Memories flood back when thinking of HHN 13, our first Halloween Horror Nights.  And although I have a very strong affinity for All Nite Die-In (I loved the general feel of the Director and the “Die-In” from that house) and for Screamhouse Revisited (more of a classic haunted house), it is impossible not to pick Psycho Scareapy as the favorite.  I don’t think this is quite as much of a slam dunk for me as it is for the Beast, but the sights, the sounds and the smells of Psycho Scareapy make it #1 from our first HHN year. “Do you want to be in pictures?” HHN 13; Loved it, and it started a tradition that continues to this day!



The Beast’s Favorite Maze From HHN 13:  Psycho Scareapy
2003 marked my first Halloween Horror Nights event and picking my favorite maze from this first year is tricky. The first maze I ever walked into was All Nite Die-In, which was also the icon house for the year (The Director). I remember so clearly the big white screen where the “drive in” was showing the films and The Director came launching at us from behind the screen. But, it is Psycho Scareapy that gets my vote. First, this house turned into a franchise that remains my favorite series of houses for HHN, but more important, the maze left several distinct impressions with me. Perhaps the most important is the reality based smells of this house, for who can forget the bathroom scene that made all of us want to puke from the odor? I have been in several “insane asylum” themed houses over the years, but nothing comes close the PS series, and this first entry was a beauty.


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