Our Favorite Maze – Halloween Horror Nights 14

Rex and the Beast are recalling our favorite mazes from past HHN events as we get closer to our arrival in Orlando on September 17.

Click the event to see our previous favorite mazes:
HHN 13

Rex’s Favorite Maze From HHN 14: Castle Vampyr
In what will be the biggest landslide of any year, Castle Vampyr wins for HHN 14. The Beast and I have discussed how HHN 13 and HHN 14 seemed to be a fulcrum for the explosion of Halloween Horror Nights into what it has become–the premier Halloween event in the country hands down. Castle Vampyr was part of fueling that explosion. It is the number one house most talked about by HHN aficionados in reverent tones yet today.


The Beast’s Favorite Maze From HHN 14:  Castle Vampyr
What is possibly the best house in Halloween Horror Nights history, Castle Vampyr is a no-brainer for HHN 14. Although this event had several strong mazes, including Horror In Wax and Hellgate Prison, nothing comes close to Castle Vampyr. I remember being stunned as we exited the maze and some 11 years later, the house still holds its own.


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