Our Favorite Maze – Halloween Horror Nights 15

Rex and the Beast are recalling our favorite mazes from past HHN events as we get closer to our arrival in Orlando on September 17.

Click the event to see our previous favorite mazes:
HHN 13

Well, Halloween Horror Nights 15 was the first HHN that Rex and the Beast were not able to attend together. The Beast had some other important life events, so Rex went with the third sibling of the family, their sister, Melissa and her husband, Andy.

Rex’s Favorite Maze From HHN 15: Body Collectors

This was a bit of a strange year for a number of reasons (including the lack of the Beast being there), but I did enjoy Demon Cantina and, because our sister enjoyed it so much, I had a good time with the Skool, but Body Collectors was on another level this year with the harvesting of body parts (some happening a little early!) and awesome atmosphere.  And, we will be seeing a little more of the Body Collectors at HHN 25!

The Beast’s Favorite Maze From HHN 15: Who Knows? Slacker missed the event!

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