Our Favorite Maze – Halloween Horror Nights 20

Rex and the Beast are recalling our favorite mazes from past HHN events as we get closer to our arrival in Orlando on September 17.

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Rex’s Favorite Maze From HHN 20: Horror Nights: The Hallow’d Past – Halloween Horror Nights
There were a couple of great houses this year, including Legendary Truth: Wyandot Estate, the Beast’s favorite–a house I loved as well, but my favorite was the Hallow’d Past. I enjoyed seeing a lot of the history of HHN but it wasn’t just a nostalgia house, there were plenty of scares as well. If there was any negative about this house, it was it was so packed with information, props, etc., that it was impossible to see it all in one or two walkthroughs–but if you are going to have a negative, what a great negative to have!

The Beast’s Favorite Maze From HHN 20:  Legendary Truth:  Wyandot Estate
This was a classic ghost story haunted house done to perfection. The scenes were beautiful, including some gorgeous lightning effects in the conservatory room. The ghosts with their simple but highly effective lights up faces perfectly fit the atmosphere of the haunt. I loved this house and we went through it twice in one night to make sure it was as great as we thought – it was.

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