Three Ways To Ruin A Haunted House

The haunting season is almost here (well, 4 months is pretty close anyway). Occasionally likes to help haunted house guests experience the most out of a haunted attraction, and the best way to do that is to avoid three massive mistakes. As a reminder, here they are again for your consideration.

1. Do Not Talk Back/Get Snarky/Provoke The Scareactors.
We have all been with “that person” who talks during the entire walk through of a haunted house, and usually directs their annoying verbiage toward an actor in the house. For me personally, this is the single greatest distraction when experiencing a haunt. The problems are multi-faceted. The first issue is how screaming back at an actor just makes a person look like a buffoon. And if you are prone to do this kind of thing, then you probably are. Second, this kind of action is many times a way to mask what is actual fear on the part of the guest. If you can yell back and “prove” you are not scared, then maybe you will feel better about yourself. Third, mocking the actors is just rude and disrespects those who work hard in a hot environment for our enjoyment. I think you can usually ascertain the personality of a person pretty quickly if they fall into this category. And it aint good.

2. Do Not Resist Being Scared.
Haunted houses these days are nothing short of spectacular. Even the local haunts have become incredibly detailed and very high quality. Obviously, the haunts at an event like Halloween Horror Nights are just off the charts in terms of quality, planning, and storytelling. Some haunts are even more concerned with the look and feel of the house than they are the scares themselves. For these reasons, it is very easy in today’s haunted attraction market to let yourself experience the atmosphere as if you were really in that particular environment. Even if you are a person who does not scare easy, all haunted house guests should let their guard down and allow the maze to have its full, intended effect on us. Why in the world would a person pay money to convince themselves the whole thing is fake and there is no reason to be scared? have been through hundreds of haunted houses. We have fun in every one of them because we let ourselves “be” in the environment.

3. Do Not Judge A House Based On Jump Scares Alone.
For the average haunted house guest, an attraction is only as good as the number of times they jumped in fear. We must be willing to move past that one evaluation point when considering the effectiveness of a haunt. To be certain, jumps and scares are important elements of a haunted house, but as I mentioned in point 2, today’s market is saturated with incredible storytelling and details that are jaw dropping. In a very similar way, a horror movie should not be critiqued only by the number of times the film actually scared you. There is so much more to the storytelling of a horror film that transcends simple scares, as important as those are. Mazes like the ones at Halloween Horror Nights really require multiple walkthroughs in order to begin to pick up on all the various details of the haunt and the flow of the story. So expand your thinking on why a house might be a very good house, even if it didn’t make you jump quite as much.

This year at Halloween Horror Night in Orlando, FL, Rex and I are planning on spending at least two nights at HHN for the purpose of soaking more and more in of the haunt as a whole, and also to experience various mazes more than one time. We believe this will help us enjoy the attractions more and give us a better foothold on which we can rate the houses.

Happy Haunting! – Join The Journey!

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