Monorail, Ferryboat, or Bus – Oh My!

If you are even remotely familiar with the parks at the Walt Disney World resort, then you are knowledgeable of the three Disney means of transportation that offer access to and from the parks.  Those are:  Monorail, Ferryboat, and Bus.  For years, I have been of the opinion that the monorail is by far the coolest, quickest, and best means of Disney transportation.  It is iconic to the parks and allows you to be a part of Disney history every time you step foot inside one of the cars.  If you know what you are doing (which Rex and I most certainly do), you can time the monorail system in such a way that will afford you almost zero wait time and get to the parks in record time.  It is essential that you experience the monorail at least once during your stay at Disney since it was Walt's ideal vision for getting around his resort.  

The bus option is kind of boring. Who really wants to jump on a bus?  Yet, during our week adventure to Disney while staying at the Animal Kingdom Resort, we found it to be a rather quick and easy means of getting from hotel to parks.  It is not near of a drudgery experience as it may seem.

But the real surprise came when I recently rode the Ferryboat from the Magic Kingdom transportation and ticket center to the park.  It was in the evening, the lights on the water were in full effect, the sun was going down, and it was simply beautiful.  Here's the deal – I wasn't with Rex.  I was with my wife.  What that experience showed me is that every detail of Disney World is truly shaped by the kind of trip you are taking – and dependent on the company you are with.  This is pretty clear when it comes to rides and attractions, but I was shocked that it even made a difference when deciding what transportation to use at the resort.  Rex and I would probably never ride the Ferryboat.  We are typically in more of a hurry when on our trips and try to maximize the amount of time possible inside the parks themselves.  We have to pick and choose what gets our times and the ferryboats just aren't going to make the cut.  Yet, when with my family, I believe I will make it a priority to ride the ferryboats from this point on.  

The moral of the story is to keep in mind what kind of trip you are really seeking when you enter a park or resort.  It might shape the kinds of attractions you will want to try, even if they don't stand out to you at first glance.    

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  1. Rex says:

    As my wife’s family lives in Florida, I have taken a number of trips to Disney World (and to Universal) with them without the Beast, and I can certainly support this point. There are many things that the Beast and I do that don’t even factor in to my trips when I am there with the family, and there are things that the other folks want to do that the Beast and I would never give a second thought. Although that concept runs through all parks, the ability of Disney World to be some many different things to so many different people (and do them all so well) is what makes it the number one theme park destination in the world.

    Now I have to run, I’m having lunch at the Electric Umbrella.

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