Dollywood – This Place Smells


The last RexandtheBeast adventure was a Thanksgiving trip to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN.  Unfortunately, Rex was unable to make the trip due to a last minute issue, but I still went with my family, including my niece Bella (you can see me holding her in the Dollywood pictures).  Rex and I will be soon making another Dollywood trip with extensive pictures and reviews of Mystery Mine and Thunderhead.

Anyway, what I find so compelling about Dollywood, and there are several compelling things about D-Wood, the atmosphere is great, the rides are good, the history and tradition, but what stands even above these components is the smell of Dollywood.  This place smells incredible.  Why?

Well, there are several layers of the good smelling nature of Dollywood.  First is the fact that it is located in the Great Smokey Mountains of TN.  Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg both have a unique smell anyway, a smell that reminds you that you are in a good place.  On top of that universal smell of the geographic location are the natural smells that pop up from place to place in the park.  Usually, there are a couple of fires roaring, perhaps because of a craft fair or the traditional blacksmith store where you can watch the same dude for the past 30 years in a super long beard beat the tar out of a piece of metal.  But most importantly is the food.  Wow.  Aunt Granny's is always smelling great, in addition to the incredible smell of the world's best kettle corn and the wonderful open air Polish Sausauge market right next to the entry.  So, although the rides and entertainment at D-Wood are wonderful, the whole experience is made even better by the smell. 

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