Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape Attraction – Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens, the regional theme park based in Denver, Colorado, has announced that it is partnering with Meow Wolf to bring a “never-before-seen attraction that takes guests on a densely immersive and fully interactive experience” to Elitch Gardens for 2019. Rex lives in Denver, so we are obviously very interested in this new announcement.

First, what is Meow Wolf? Meow Wolf is an artist-driven collective that puts together unique and immersive artistic experiences. And when we say unique and immersive–that’s what we mean. Check out some of the Meow Wolf projects through the years here. Meow Wolf’s first permanent experience located in Santa Fe, New Mexico was supported by George R.R. Martin, creator of Game of Thrones–so you can infer the interesting nature of the art that they create!

So, what is the collaboration with Elitch Gardens going to entail? Based on the concept art (shown below) and description, we are looking at a ride-through attraction with an artistic, multi-faceted based “trip”. I use that word purposefully, since a number of folks have noted the potential similarity from the general concept of Kaleidoscape and Nights in White Satin–The Trip, the much-lauded dark ride at the now defunct Hard Rock Park.

We also believe that this is set up as a nice tie-in with Meow Wolf’s exhibit coming to Denver in 2020.  In fact, on Meow Wolf’s website they refer to Kaleidoscape as a “prequel experience” to their upcoming Denver exhibit.

Considering the unique nature of Meow Wolf and its art, we hope that Elitch Gardens is up to handle developing what could be a really interesting addition to the dark ride universe. Elitch’s is a fine local park but has not shown a lot of ingenuity in bringing high-level attractions to the park, so we hope this will be a great step for Elitch Gardens–and we will certainly be there opening day to give you our thoughts on Kaleidoscape, Meow Wolf and Elitch Gardens!

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