A Fan review of Dark Night Coaster


A RexandtheBeast.com fan was nice enough to send in his own mini-review of the Dark Knight Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. The Dark Knight coaster is an indoor "dark ride" coaster that has had quite a bit of anticipation up to its May 15th, 2008 opening.

Mark writes to Rex and the Beast and says "It was themed ok, but the ride was a big
disappointment. For a Dark ride, you could see the ride the whole time. It
is just a lame wild mouse ride."

Rex and I have not yet been to Great Adventure, it is on our 2009 schedule, so we cannot agree or disagree with the review. But, since this came into our mailbox today, we wanted to pass along the info. Has anyone else out there taken a ride on Dark Knight? If so, let us hear from you.

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