Amazingly Cool Video


You just have to watch this video to believe it.  This crazy guy is doing stunt driving through the Universal Hollywood Backlot Tour.  Yes, at the beginning that really is the Bates Motel he is doing donuts around (with a wonderful impersonation of Norman Bates).  Almost seems sacrilegious to be doing donuts in the parking lot of the Bates Motel, but it is still cool to see.  Also, how do you think they got all these tire marks off the roads?  Some Disney clean up crew was seriously ticked off !

4 comments on “Amazingly Cool Video

  1. Anonymous says:

    “So, that’s all you do – bird imitations?”

    1. The Beast says:

      I must confess, until I called Rex and asked what the heck you were talking about, I had no idea what the heck you were talking about. Now that I know, that’s pretty funny!

      1. Anonymous says:

        I’m glad Rex is up on his M*A*S*H quotes…

    2. Rex says:

      You know I’m down with you Barry!

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