Coasters & Culture: Major Thoughts on Minor Matters. Episode 1

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Coasters & Culture Episode 1
Rex and the Beast are excited to bring a new element to our podcast…not only we will continue to discuss our thoughts and journeys on all things theme park related, but we will now also incorporate various aspects of culture into our discussions. What we love to do in normal conversations with one another is discuss elements of movies, news, and entertainment that might otherwise go unnoticed. We decided to incorporate some of those conversations into our podcast so you can “join the journey” with us. Thus, we are bringing you “Major Thoughts on Minor Matters.”

For this inaugural episode,  we discuss the expectations and crowd sizes for Galaxy’s Edge as well as an important (essential, even?) element of the 1986 classic “Top Gun” that you might never have considered before. (Teaser – we believe one of the most important characters and one of the most important moments is one that you may have missed).

So, if you are feeling the need for speed and if the force is with you, then put your headphones on, turn up the volume, and enjoy the show! – Join the Journey!


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