#2 on Rex’s List of Best James Bond Theme Songs

Well, I commend the Beast on his Number 3 choice.  Nobody Does It Better is a great song, no doubt about it.  And it addresses an issue that makes my top 2 songs trump Live and Let Die, which is the sexy/love/lust/romantic nature of Bond, the Bond movies, Bond movie openings and my general feel of the song and the genre (have any of my blog posts on this issue not used the word "feel?"  I doubt it.  It is that important.).  So keeping that in mind, my number 2 is

For Your Eyes Only

A great song, by a singer I was totally smitten with at the time and when I add it all up, I just love it.  Check out the opening to For Your Eyes Only and I think you will agree with me.

Next….Number 1.

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