#3 on Rex’s List of Best James Bond Theme Songs

From here on to Number 1 it gets interesting for me.  I think I could move any of my top three around and it would be hard for me to feel bad about the order of those songs.  In face, I literally just switched number 3 and number 2 while I was writing this blog (after rewatching the opening from each of the two Bond movies with such songs).  The song at Number 3 scores high marks as a song, for the transition it makes in the Bond franchise for music and for a great start to the Bond movie in which it is in.  Also, without a doubt, the hardest rocking Bond theme ever (see GNR's cover).  My Number 3 James Bond song is:


Paul McCartney takes a lot of heat about his "gooeyness" in songwriting post-Beatles, and I think this is one of his great answers to that criticism (The Bond franchise badly wanted the Beatles to do a Bond song, but after they broke up this was the "best" they could do.).  All right Beast, lets hear it, what do you think, and what's your Number 3.   Also, "Keys," where are you?  You have to have some thoughts on this topic! 

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