#4 on Rex’s James Bond Theme Songs

So, the Beast comes back with A View to a Kill as his number 5 James Bond song.  Interesting choice and I have to….well, lets just say it–"SAY IT!!"  "Alright, I'll say it:"  A View to a Kill is Number 4 on my top 5 James Bond Theme song lists.

Although Goldfinger (Rex's Number 5) has some of the history and classic 60's sound to it, A View to a Kill is just a better song.  Duran Duran was kicking hard at that time and I agree completely with the Beast that "Dance, into the Fire.  A Fatal Kiss…."  just gets you ready to roll.  Out of all of the songs in my top 5, I think this one has the least amount of James Bond "feel", but it has enough when coupled with the great song that it is and its awesome 80's feel to overcome that to be my Number 4.

Also, who can forget in the age of music videos, the great Duran Duran video of the song.  "Bon.  Simon LeBon."  Beast, you're up.  

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