Article on Rex In Denver Business Journal

Well, we wanted to let our readers know about a fun article that was written by the Denver Business Journal spotlighting Rex as an executive (Rex is a corporate attorney by day, for those who may be new to with a quirky, fun "hobby."  The article is for subscribers only, so we don't have a link to the full article to share, but it was fun to be able to pass along the RexandtheBeast mantra for a new type of readers (the Denver Business Journal is aimed at Denver-region professionals).  The tag line that the writer used after interviewing Rex that has resulted in a lot of friends and co-workers complimenting Rex on was "Rex seems to live by the creed 'Its never to late to have a happy childhood.'" Although our "real" childhoods were also happy and great, we at do believe in carrying that wonderment forward and support that statement entirely!

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