Congrats to the Beast–HHN Awaits


First, let me say congratulations to the Beast and his wife on the beautiful new baby girl they were blessed with!  Hard to believe the Beast is now a father!

Second, I am really excited about my trip to Universal Studios Florida this weekend for Halloween Horror Nights.  It is supposed to be a great time this year and I am looking forward to it as much as any that I have attended, except maybe my first HHN trip with the Beast.  Because of the Beast's new baby girl, he will not be attending this year with me so I am taking my wife, which should be quite an experience since she hates horror and being scared!

Rest assured, I will have a full report with pictures (and maybe video) up in week or so after I get back from my trip.  Look forward to seeing you around soon, and Join the Journey!

Happy Hauntings!

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