Diamondback First Rider Ticket Giveaway!


RexandtheBeast.com is excited to offer a lucky fan an opportunity to ride with Rex as one of the first riders of the Diamondback coaster at Kings Island on April 18. Diamondback is the new coaster at Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Kings Island is conducting a charity auction for the first rides on Diamondback the morning of April 18 (opening day). RexandtheBeast.com are bidding on two seats, and–assuming they win two seats–are offering someone a chance to ride with Rex on Diamondback. 

To enter the Ride with Rex Giveaway, contact Rex and the Beast by emailing us through our contact page with your name and email. Put "Ride with Rex Giveaway" in the subject line of your email. Everyone that emails us by midnight Eastern time on April 14th will be put in a drawing to win the seat. Assuming RexandtheBeast.com wins two seats in the charity auction, which will close 8:30 a.m. on April 15, we will contact the winner on April 15th with information as to where to meet Rex on the morning of April 18, and other information. 

The winner will receive the seat on the Diamondback first rides with Rex and the other items (including admission to Kings Island for the day) given to a winner of a seat in the charity auction (for more information see the charity auction link athttp://www.kidiamondback.com/public/auction). 

The winner will also get a chance to hang out with Rex and the Beast as they ride some other rides and work on their video tour of opening day. Good luck, and Join the Journey!

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