Disney’s Pleasure Island is Closing Forever


Shocking news is going around the theme park industry as Disney announced last night that Pleasure Island would be permanently closing on September 27th.  Pleasure Island is a section of Downtown Disney where 6 clubs are located: Mannequins, 8 Trax, BET Soundstage, Motion, Comedy Warehouse and The Adventure’s Club.  All will be closed and there will be a new concept added based on guest feedback.

My comments on this closing are short but sweet.  I could care less.  Why?  Because if there is anything I am not, it is a club guy.  I am 100% in favor of, if nothing else, just adding more family dining options, shopping, maybe some entertainment of some kind.  Saying goodbye to the clubs is pretty much the one thing as Disney that I will not mind seeing leave.  I do, however have one famous memory of Pleasure Island.

Rex and I, on our inaugural trip to Walt Disney World back in the late 90's, visited Pleasure Island.  As we made our way through several clubs, I was like "Rex let's go do something fun."  He eventually agreed, but not before a classic moment in time.  As we were standing in one of the clubs listening to one of the band's play an 80's tune, some random girl walks over to Rex and says, "do you mind if I kiss you?"  Well, I won't describe what happened next, maybe Rex will fill you in on the details if he wishes.  But after that moment, we never again set foot in Pleasure Island (thanks to Rex's kindness, he enjoys clubs much more than I do.)

To conclude, Rex and I love Downtown Disney as a whole, including Disney Quest.  But the club scene is a different deal.  I am fine with seeing it go.

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