Dungeon of Terror – Festival of Fear 2011 Review


Rex and the Beast visited the Dungeon of Terror haunted house located in the basement of the Uncer indoor racetrack at 7300 Broadway in Denver.  We were greeted by a couple of very friendly owners of the haunt who were gracious and willing for us to do a walk through for our Festival of Fear Tour 2011.  

We experienced the haunt with three other cool cats – Josh, Matt, and Shelby.  There were a hoot.  The beginning of the house is a quick tutorial by a ghoul as to what to do if you get lost from your group.  That same ghoul then guides you through 3/4 of the house, something that is rarely seen these days in local haunts.  Right before he leads you through the house, he directs your attention to a female ghost standing in a corner.  The ghost transforms into a creature.  This is the classic "Pepper's Ghost" illusion and although this particular effect has long since lost its punch (unless you are Disney and can master it to perfection), it was nevertheless neat to see it used once again.  It would actually set the stage for the feel of the haunted house.

Dungeon of Terror is a prop-based haunted house.  By that we mean that many of the scares and scenery are dominated by some kind of statue or figure that has strobe lights giving it the effect of movement.  Many of these figures you have probably seen inside a local Halloween store, such as Spirit Halloween or Halloween City.  Although this probably isn't the best way to create a memorable haunted house, Dungeon of Terror pulls it off about as good as it can be done.  You will encounter Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and all the rest of the classic cinema monsters.  Adding to the props are a few rooms that add some pretty good scares – there is a very effective Texas Chainsaw Massacre room with a looming "Leatherface" and a creepy little dollhouse room with a little girl pleading with you to play with her dolls.

The atmosphere of Dungeon of Terror felt like a large mall haunt.  You could see the rafters and the ceiling lights (turned off of course) from any spot in the house.  But, with all that being said, RexandtheBeast.com thinks Dungeon of Terror is a necessary house for the Denver area.  This is a perfect haunt for a first-time haunted house goer who wants to be scared but is a bit uneasy about lots of gore, vulgarity, etc.  I would also recommend this haunt for parents who are scared that haunted houses might be too "over the top" for their child.  Don't get us wrong, Dungeon of Terror is no walk through the park, but it will serve as a very solid first haunt experience for those desiring something a little less intense.

And with that, the Festival of Fear keeps moving on!  

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