Elitch Gardens Opening Day

Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado (the home theme park for RexandtheBeast.com) is celebrating 120 years this summer of entertaining Denver theme park fans.  Opening day is May 1st and you better believe that Rex and I will be at the park to capture the opening day festivities.  I am interested to see how well the park keeps rides in operating condition this year as last year there were several issues with rides being shutdown on a regular basis.  As I passed by there yesterday I noticed a couple of guys working on the waterslides, so I hope that they are being diligent to get things up and running by May 1st.

Ghostblasters is probably my current favorite ride at Elitches.  Even though it is simple and basically a "cookie cutter" ride that can be found with a different theme in several parks across the country, there is something special about it.  I have yet to beat Rex in the point competition, so that is my goal for May 1st.  I will let you know how that goes!

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