Elitch Gardens Update


I took the short walk down Little Raven Street here in Denver to Elitch Gardens again the other day.  My firm had a company picnic at one of the pavillions, and it was a great (if hot) time.  However, I wanted to update the RexandtheBeast.com fans on a couple of things at Elitch's.  First, construction on Ghost Blaster is still going pretty slow.  I'm starting to wonder if they are going to get it running before the end of the season.  Also, due to various issues, including the Democratic National Convention coming to Denver, the parking lots and parking situation at Elitch's is crazy.  Of course, this doesn't impact me since I live so close, but I just passed 20-30 cars parked illegally on Little Raven Street (all with tickets I might add), and the overflow parking is a complete mess.  So, if you are going to Elitch's anytime soon, get there early or be prepared for a bit of a parking mess! 

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