End of Festival of Fear Tour 2009

Well, as someone once said, "All good things must come to an end."  The Festival of Fear Tour 2009 is now over (except for Project Reaper, which will be available for viewing sometime in November).

We still have a number of reviews and podcasts to get up for you on a few of our different trips/haunts, but overall, the Festival of Fear was a resounding success.  We met a lot of scareactors (and monsters!), got to interview the owners of a number of haunts, enjoyed the overall flavor of the Halloween season, and even got to finish it off with a little home haunt at the Beast's on Halloween night (kids were lined up at the front door waiting to go through the haunt for almost 3 straight hours).

We still have reviews of Denver-area haunts Field of Corpses and City of the Dead to post, as well as Halloween Horror Nights, and a couple of podcasts on our Florida trip and our local haunt thoughts.  So, stay with us while we catch up from the Festival of Fear trips and we will talk to you soon.

Also, keep an eye out for the movie from Project Reaper–I think you will like this one!

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