Festival of Fear Tour Haunt Review – Field of Corpses

After getting back from the largess of Knotts Berry Farm’s “Halloween Haunt,” the Beast and I still had a couple of local haunts in Denver to hit to finalize the Festival of Fear Tour 2009. The first of our final two haunts was “Field of Corpses.” We had heard a number of good things about this haunt and were excited to check it out. As always, there are a few spoilers in this review.

First off, this was not a corn maze or similar type of attraction as the word “Field” might suggest. It was an outdoor haunt, and ended up being the most unique haunt we attended on the Festival of Fear tour. Field of Corpses was a bit of a throwback, a completely guided tour. But, on to the review:

As we walked up to the ticket counter of Field of Corpses, we asked to speak with the owner, and before we started through, had a brief discussion with Zach regarding the background and excitement of Field of Corpses. We talked to him after we toured the attraction and we will discuss that below. So, Zach took us down to the entrance of the haunt and off we went.

We met our guide for the haunt who did an amazing job of leading us through the haunt. This guided feature was both a great thing and a problematic thing. The Beast and I loved the “throwback” aspect of having a totally guided haunt and really enjoyed it. However, there is no doubt that the scariest aspects of the haunt occurred when our guide went ahead of us and left us to move forward on our own. That concept should have been expanded, because that adds to the excitement and scare factor.

The opening of the haunt leads you to a hearse, which you have to crawl through to begin the experience. This was one of a few places where we had to go through, under or over things to continue to haunt. These were great, the best possibly being a room that looks as if there is no way out and you have to step over a fence to continue the tour. The props were also good, but this was not a prop-based haunt. It was clearly a guide/scareactor-based haunt. As Zach explained later, he and his friends and family created most of the props themselves in a shop next to the attraction (Field of Corpses is one of the few local haunts set on property owned by the owner or the haunt, so Zach has the great ability to know the property for his haunt really well).

So, since it was a scareactor-based haunt, the scareactors all did a great job of staying with us and following us through the attraction in a very creepy way. The scareactors also did a good job of picking out issues with me or the Beast and honing in on them as we walked by.

One room that really stood out is the “Sparky” electrocuted man scene. All fans of Halloween have seen Sparky many times and it can certainly be a great prop, but they really upped the ante here. We were walking through the scene, the electricity started and Sparky started thrusting back and forth in the typical manner. Good job, we thought, then as we moved through the scene, Sparky jumps out and chases us. Really scary and unexpected. The scareactor did an amazing job of looking like the prop and neither the Beast nor I had any indication that this was a scareactor until he lunged at us. Really great!

Overall, this was a very good haunt. We felt that it lacked a little of the scares of other haunts since the guide was always with you, but made up for that with its originality and the clear enthusiasm of the scareactors. Our second favorite local haunted attraction of the Festival of Fear Tour 2009. We look forward to experiencing Field of Corpses next year.

Rex’s Festival of Fear Haunt Rating: 7.5 out of 10 stars

The Beast’s Festival of Fear Haunt Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Overall RexandtheBeast.com Festival of Fear Rating: 7.5 out of 10 stars.

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