Field of Corpses – Festival of Fear 2011 Review

Field of Corpses is a large, outdoor haunt located in Arvada, CO.  The outside of the haunt is incredibly well decorated with perfect mood lighting and effective props, inlcuding a massive pumpkin scarecrow looming over the entrance.  We were greeted by Kirby who quickly ushered us into the haunt.  Field of Corpses is one of the few houses remaining that is completely navigated by a tour guide.  Ours did a fine job, talking to us virtually non-stop and pulling out every pun imaginable as we would enter into various rooms (such as, after pointing to a one eyed zombie mask, the guide saying – "he'll keep an eye out for ya").

It is impossible to describe how much stuff is inside this haunted attraction.  Every room is filled, and I mean filled, with every imaginable prop and detail.  There is simply no way to take it all in with one viewing.  Field of Corpses is a marvel in this capacity.  The experience begins by crawling through a hearse on someones wedding day, and from there, it is one scene after another of good acting and overloads of content.  You will experience a western town invaded by madmen, catacombs, an acid compound, super tight quarters, a spider web room, a room filled with washers and dryers, lots of demented children and babies, demonic clowns, and even some famous characters show up like Michael Myers.  At one point, the guide invites you to "scratch and sniff" the wall.  When doing so, you will receive a shock – literally.   Quicksand pits, cemetaries, and on and on and on.  I can't think of really anything that is not found inside this haunted house.  

In addition to the aforementioned massive amounts of detail and "stuff", Field of Corpses is driven by actors following you and talking to you.  With you at all times and always mumbling is the tour guide.  But there is almost always another actor or two walking alongside you, whispering or screaming in your ear.  For my tastes, it is a bit too much, but it is nevertheless done with quality and good acting.  I found one of the more effective rooms to be a scene where the tour guide ran on ahead, out of site and you were left in a disturbing room where the only sound was a recording saying, "we see you.  we have been waiting on you."  It was very spooky and effective.  

Another great element of Field of Corpses is their masterful use of space.  Although this is an outside haunt, you will spend most of the time feeling like you are inside.  You have to climb over stuff, under stuff, through stuff and work your way inside all kinds of disturbing, tight spaces.  You are always left disoriented and not fully away which direction you are facing.  The haunt excels at this.

Overall, Field of Corpses is an outstanding haunted house that should not be missed.  It is a bit lenghy, which is good, but if you are used to other Denver haunts, be prepared for a longer experience.  The Festival of Fear Tour 2011 recommends it!     

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