Frightmare Compound Review – Festival of Fear 2011 made our way to Westminster, CO to check out the legendary Frightmare Compound.  We were enthusiastically greeted by Josh, the haunt's owner, who is just one cool guy.  After a bit of small talk about Segways and small people, we were directed to the haunt's entrance and off we went.  What makes Frightmare such a unique experience is that the haunt is literally built in Josh's backyard.  But this ain't no typical "home haunt."  Frightmare can stand toe to toe with any of the big boys on the market, combining a beautiful and effective blend of indoor, tight quarter spaces and large, outdoor walk-throughs.  You will encounter mine shafts, corn fields, hillbillies, cemeteries, creepy deceased brides, gothic looking structures, and on and on.  The final 2 minutes leads you up into the iconic "attic" where you will duck and wind your way through disturbing rooms that seem to be themed around a disgusting, redneck home.  The actors do a fine job of scaring and I was certainly pleased that the bride simply floated her way across the cemetery instead of trying to run at us.  There is no real central theme to speak of at Frightmare and I suppose that may detract only a bit from what is a very fun and enjoyable haunt, well worth the money.

Speaking of money, you spend $20 at Frightmare and receive two haunt experiences.  After leaving Frightmare, you are only a few steps from a new, second haunt called "House of Darkness."  It could of been named "House of Clowns" because it is chock full with energetic clowns in effective little rooms.  The aforementioned conversation about "small people" comes into play here with a very good scare.  If you have issues with clowns, then this will terrify you.

Finally, Frightmare does the queue line right.  If there is a big line, you can enjoy a large screen video projection of various announcements and horror related goodies.  You then find your way into a rocky cave where you ultimately encounter the entrance to the house.  There were kids everywhere, just hanging out and having fun.  It seemed like Frightmare was the middle school hangout during the month of October instead of the local theater.  And if you didn't know what Go Fast was – you certainly will after one visit.

The Festival of Fear 2011 gives Frightmare a hearty positive recommendation.  Check it out – you will have a blast.      

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