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After waiting all summer, Ghost Blasters, a new dark ride at Elitch Gardens in Denver Colorado, finally opened this last weekend.  I (Rex) was able to ride it on Saturday, the day it opened.  Of course, we wanted to let you know what we thought of the new ride.

In front of the ride, at the beginning of the queue, stands Professor Phearstruc holding his “patented” Phantom Blaster laser gun.  The Professor explains that Bleakstone Manor and its surroundings are haunted by Lucifer and his minons, and we are going to have to use the Phantom Blaster, while riding in the Ghost Tracker ride vehicle, to try and save the manor.

Once you enter the Ghost Tracker (two in front, two in back each with Phantom Blasters and a digital score tracker), you see to your left a large skull painted on the wall and in front of you a haunted, twisted tree with one red eye. You then bust through castle-style doors that have a “Welcome” sign above them.

The first room is simply red eyes staring at you in the darkness, and you then turn into another area (still “outside” the manor) where there is a farmer warning you to turn back…right before a skeleton appears and kills him and warns you again.  Then you move through the graveyard with tombstones, skeletons and other scary things until you come to the doors of Bleakstone Manor.

Once you enter the manor, you are in a parlor with pictures on all of the walls, then on to skeletons everywhere, including one playing chess.  In this room, a couple of the skeletons/ghosts move toward the ride vehicle.

You then move to a bedroom, where a ghost pops out from the bed at you, and a hall of mirrors is in front of you…leading to the best effect in the attraction.

Similar to Revenge of the Mummy, there is a mist/steam curtain in a doorway, and as your ride vehicle turns toward it, Luficer (a flaming skeleton head) appears projected on the mist curtain.  It is fairly well done, and actually much clearer than the jaw of the mummy on Revenge of the Mummy.

You then enter the final room with skeleton ghosts on the walls and ceiling, before the final skeleton warns you “You will never leave Bleakstone Manor.”  Then you turn and leave through another set of doors.

At the end, you can check and see if you were a Master Blaster, Apprentice Blaster, Amateur Blaster or Beginner Blaster (nothing fancy or automated, just a wood sign showing the scores that match each category).

So, overall, certainly not a ride that will challenge any of the classic dark rides at Disney or Universal, but a very legitimate addition to a small amusement park like Elitch Gardens.  Until this ride, there were really only three rides I would make sure I rode when I went to Elitch Gardens—Mind Eraser, Twister Too and Boomerang—but I will certainly add Ghost Blasters to the list.






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