Halloween Horror Nights 2010 Revealed

Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) has officially updated their website and revealed the details of their houses and scarezones this year.  Without question, my excitement has skyrocketed.

For months we have been hearing that HHN would bring back the mascots from the past 20 years to form the heartbeat of the event this year.  That was a bit disappointing to me because we have seen them already do this in past events.  However, now that we have the full scoop, it appears that those rumors were dead wrong.  There is a new mascot – FEAR himself.  I love the idea.  This new mascot, according to the website, is what has been under-girding all the screams and terror at HHN for the last 20 years.  For every character, for every previous mascot, for every house, FEAR has been the impetus behind them.  Now we get to meet him face to face!

The list of houses looks terrific.  The only one I have seen before is "PsychoScareapy", which they bring back almost every year.  There is also a house, "Horror Nights-The Hallow'd Past" that will explore the fears from previous years.  But it is the houses that look promising, including a "Legendary Truth" house and a "Hades" house.  The scareazones also look great, including one that will apparently highlight "glowing skeletons."

The one strange thing about the website is that it does not have the super interactive element that it typically has offered in the past.  In previous years they would "uncover" new elements of the website you could read secret messages, etc.  I don't see that this year, although I suppose they still may add it on later.  Also, I suppose an argument could be made that they are not incorporating enough new concepts for a 20th anniversary party.  This does look like just another HHN event – a good one to be sure – but still just the same pieces that have made up past events.  Should a 20th anniversary have something new and ground-breaking to offer?  Or should it just simply follow the formula that has made HHN the most successful Haunt in America?  Perhaps Rex can help us out with that one.

In any event, I am more excited now than I was previously.  More to come.     

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