Halloween Horror Nights Orlando Details

Here is the video with the gruesome details for  this year's HHN event in Orlando, FL.  This is more like it – after the annoyance of being locked out of the HHN website with their games, USF finally reveals a straight forward account of what the event will hold in store for its patrons this year.  I think the haunt sounds incredible this year – 8 totally new mazes, a new icon, and some really neat ideas.  I like the idea of a former scare zone now being a house, the Poe themed house sounds very cool, and who can argue with a haunted cemetery?  The Scare Zone details are still to come, but as of now I am thinking this is going to be a great year for haunting in Orlando, FL.  The only slight complaint I have with this video is the ending – although Lady Luck looks cool enough, the titling sequence at the end looks like it was done my old TRS-80 personal computer.  Things like that are weird, but oh well.  Still a great video.

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