Happy New Year!


Happy New Year from Rex and the Beast!  2008 was a year plenty of people would like to forget, but, as always, a lot of great things happened in 2008 as well.  We at Rex and the Beast are looking forward to 2009 both personally and for RexandtheBeast.com.  We will be updating you on what will be happening this year here at RexandtheBeast.com, but it will include, at least, the filming of Mission IOA:3 with Barry/Keys, trips to multiple parks that have not been part of past Rex and the Beast trips, a music video that wil have to be seen to be believed to a song by one of my (Rex) favorite groups growing up.  Also, we are planning a bit of a Halloween extravaganza this year that we will update you on throughout the year.

So, Happy New Year and Join the Journey with RexandtheBeast.com in 2009!

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