Harry Potter is a Theme Park?

Since the announcement of Island's of Adventure's new island called "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter", Rex and I have been discussing the positives and potential negatives of the new addition.  On more than one occasion, Rex has mentioned his concern that the WWOHP would be considered by many to be a stand alone theme park in and of itself, not simply another island within a theme park that houses a couple of rides and two restaurants.  Well, this recent article by AOL.com seems to affirm Rex's suspicions.

AOL is listing the top 10 "coolest" theme parks (which of course begs the question, how do you define "cool") and what do you think we find as the #1 "coolest" theme park?  THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER!!!  This is truly a remarkable feat considering two fairly huge realities.  First, as mentioned above, the WWOHP is not a theme park!  Second, the park isn't even opened yet!  Interesting that a section of a theme park would go to the number 1 spot of such a survey when it hasn't even been unveiled yet in it's full glory.

Our hope is that the amazing islands that make up Island's of Adventure will save the day for those who truly do believe they are getting ready to visit an entire theme park made up of Harry Potter stuff.  If not, we might see WWOHP make the number 1 spot of the AOL.com's most disappointing theme parks in the world.       

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