Haunted Field of Screams Review

Rex and I made our way to the Haunted Field of Screams to enjoy another haunted house on our Festival of Fear Tour 2010.  The haunt is located in Thorton, CO  at 104th Ave. and Riverdale Rd.  As we pulled into the large parking area, we were impressed by the number of vehicles in the lot considering it was a Thursday night.  After asking a completely confused guest (who I thought worked at the Field of Screams) where our contact person was, Rex and I found her on our own and a few minutes later we were in line, waiting for our turn in the Field of Screams.

The line consists of being smack dab in the middle of a big corn field.  Obviously, it is outside and the weather can certainly turn cold this time of year in Colorado, so make sure to bring long sleeves (which Rex did not).  We started talking with a cute couple behind us who were celebrating their 5th anniversary, and were recently engaged.  I appreciate any couple who spends their anniversary at a haunted house, so we ended up going in a group with them through the house.  Usually Rex and I do haunts by ourselves, but this was too good to pass up. 

The house begins with a tribute to the Saw films and is done quite well, with a guy laying inside a plexiglass "coffin."  You have to flip the switch to "live or die" and then he comes out of the coffin and chases you into the corn.  From there, the main theme of Field of Screams becomes very clear – walking through the corn and being startled by the monsters who at times jump and at times meander their way around you during your journey.  These walks through the corn paths will be occasionally broken up by some small, simple rooms that are constructed along the way.  There is a clown building, a disturbing little house with a kitchen and bedroom, an insane asylum, and so on.  The best scare of the night came inside one of these buildings as a lady with a hatchet and a well timed strobe light lunges over the top of a wood barrier.  The inside portions are very quick, perhaps a minute or two of being inside, and then you are back outside in the corn.  Some other nice startles was a corn cross that grabbed your attention only to have a hand thrust out of a concealed area below the cross.  And then the chainsaws were fun, leaving Rex and I totally impressed with the sprinting ability of the young lady who accompanied us.  She ditched her fiance and was out of there in a flash!

Overall, Field of Screams is a fun haunt that is perfect for a first time haunted house goer who wants to experience the "real deal" but not be subjected to some of the more intense, gore-riddled haunts Denver has to offer.  Rex and I found the large scale of the corn farm to be a bit difficult to properly fill with ongoing, eye-capturing details and they rely heavily on wondering ghosts and jump-out monsters.  At times, these monsters were at a bit of a loss as to how to provide a unique scare, a scare different from the monster who jumped out a few feet back.  Still yet, just being in the corn provides a nice atmosphere for the scares and is perfect for date night.  So, if you are looking for a great entry-level haunted house that is perfect for a group of teenagers on a double (or triple) date, this is for you.  If you desire more intense, pulse-pounding scares and detail to your attraction, then you might want to move on to another house.

We appreciate the good folks at Haunted Field of Screams for opening up their haunt for the Festival of Fear Tour 2010 and we wish them great future success!   

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