HHN 2010 Rumors and Thoughts

Well, the rumors are beginning to pour in concerning the 2010 Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.  Attending HHN (Halloween Horror Nights) is a yearly tradition for RexandtheBeast.com and is probably our favorite event of the year, especially now that it is tied in with our annual Festival of Fear Tour.  Rex and I have been asked more than once by Universal employees for our opinion on the event and we are always happy to provide our input.  After experiencing virtually every major theme park haunt last year during the Festival of Fear Tour 2009, I can safely say that HHN remains my favorite haunted theme park event.

So, it is with great interest that Rex and I are beginning to read more and more rumors about what 2010 will hold for HHN.  Obviously, these things have to be taken with a grain of salt, but they still provide a fun platform from which to engage in conversation.  With that, there were two items posted on the latest rumors message that I found to be of particular interest.

First, there is a rumor that each house this year will have its very own scarezone.  This is probably one of the most ingenious ideas I have ever heard for a theme park haunt and yet is so obvious!  I can't believe I have not thought of this idea before.  What an incredible idea to make the pathway leading to the house riddled with a "pre-house" scarezone that is themed along the same line.  That just makes the intensity and expectation for the house itself skyrocket.  As Rex and I have mentioned a million times, rides that have super awesome queues generally make for better all-round rides because the anticipation is so great.  Of course, if they pull this off with great scarezones, HHN then has to make darn sure that the houses themselves live up the anticipation.  Also, the theme of each house sort of determines a good bit of the event.  In other words, if you hated the theme of one or two houses, then you are out of luck with a couple of scarezones too.  Nevertheless,   I am very hopeful that this rumor is true as I think it could be horrifically cool. 

Second, there is a rumor that the entrance will be more immersive.  Rex and I have been harping on this for years.  I am a HUGE believer in first impressions.  At rock concerts, the first song is the most important, etc.  Rex and I feel like HHN 13 probably had the best entrance we have seen up to this point (It was in IOA for that year).  So, I am 100% behind the idea of increasing the "whoa this is going to be cool" moment at the entrance. 

However, here is something to consider.  What about Stay and Scream folks? (Of which Rex and I will most definitely be a part).  Stay and Scream simply means that you are already in the park and can stay in the park when the doors close to the public.  There are waiting areas and then you get to hit the houses a few minutes before the official front door opens.  Obviously, if you are already in the park you are going to miss the entrance.  This for Rex is probably not as big of a deal as it is for me because it doesn't "work" to simply hit the houses and then as you are leaving the park check out the entrance.  The whole point is to be "carried along" by the entrance into the theme of the night.  I don't think this would cause me to reconsider the Stay and Scream because it is so freakin cool, but on the other hand, if Rex and I were with guests, I would have to think long and hard.  Just like Rex and I always go through the main queue (even when we have express passes) when we are with guests because we want them to experience the full ride. 

So, that is a tough one.

What do you think? 

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