Huge Zombie Theme for 2011?

This is the time of year when Rex and I begin mulling over the possibilities for the different haunted themes that will be unleashed on theme parks all over the country, the most important being Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, FL.  With the incredible record-breaking ratings set by The Walking Dead on AMC, I am wondering if theme parks are going to be looking to capitalize on the sudden "zombie rage" that seems to be sweeping the nation.  Most theme park haunts have at least once "living dead" house or scarezone somewhere in the park, but I don't think Rex and I have experienced a theme dominated by zombies.  Unless I'm wrong (and I'm never wrong), we will see a zombie theme this year.  That is good news for this theme park lover because zombies are scary, creepy, diverse, and provide endless themeing opportunities.  We shall see what happens. . .

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