Initial Thoughts on Busch Gardens Africa Trip


Well, I am sitting in the Tampa airport after a sucessful RexandtheBeast trip to Busch Gardens Africa.  The Beast has just headed for his gate since he has an earlier flight than do I.  This was a quick trip as shown by me picking the Beast up from the airport yesterday at 9:00 and we are already on our way out.  But, it was a great trip.

We stayed at a Hyatt Place less than a mile from BGA.  It was awesome, with a 42" HD flatscreen TV, comfortable beds and a refrigerator for the mandatory Mountain Dews.

Although the Beast and I will post more in-depth thoughts later (either through additional blogs or an upcoming podcast), I wanted to give you a few thoughts now.

We Defied the Five…the five main coasters at BGA that is.  I was very excited to ride SheikRa, since it was not built on our last BGA trip.  It turned out to be quite impressive (if short, which is the nature of a dive coaster).  You are held over the 90 degree drop for a couple of seconds and then, whoosh, straight down.  Not a great extended ride or anything, but the excitement of going up that extreme initial lift hill is pretty sweet.

The Beast and I also enjoyed Kumba and Montu more than we remembered.  In fact, they were battling it out for our favorite ride…I think Kumba won.

As always, we took some great pictures and video that will be up in the photos and video sections of the site in the next few days.  We were also shooting some video for a special project that will be revealed later in the year, and in the process I ran down a few people in one of the typical tour groups that occasionally take over the parks in Orlando.  Accidentally, of course, but you will just have to wait and see the end result on in the future.  We will keep you updated.

Anyway, see you soon!

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