James Bond Top 5 Theme Songs

Well, as part of getting back into the swing of things here at RexandtheBeast.com, I have decided to enter the world of pop culture a little and have another of our occasional Top 5 Lists.  As the Beast is even a bigger fan of James Bond movies than I am, I an going to see if he wants to do a little back and forth on these choices.  My criteria will be the overall greatness of the song, its place in the James Bond world and how important/great I thought it was when I first saw the movie and heard the song.

WIth that in mind, and in the time-honored tradition of counting down backwards, my number 5 song is one that I feel is actually overrated generally.  However, it is still good enough to be number 5 on my list.  It comes from what is clearly one of the classic Bond movies and is probably one of the most well known songs among all generations of fans.

Rex’s Number 5 James Bond theme song is:


Well Beast, what do you think?  What is your number 5?

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