Lakeside Amusement Park Trip Report


Hello out there fans!  Our latest VTR (Video Trip Report) from Lakeside Amusement Park is up and running.  Click on the link below to watch, and be sure to refresh yourself with our other great videos as well.  

Click here to watch us at Lakeside Amusement Park!

It was Monday, September 7th, 2009 and we were ready to experience Lakeside Amusement Park and ride the legendary Cyclone.  We were accompanied this trip with The Beast's (my) wife and little girl, which was a special treat.  We made our way into the parking lot around 2:30 pm.

The parking lot leaves a little something to be desired, although at least there was still room in the lot!  It was a packed day at Lakeside which made sense because it was a holiday and the Cyclone had been shut down all season.  But, it was open today and ready for us to experience all it has to offer.  After heaving a baby stroller through the dust and clay of the parking lot, we finally made it to the grand entrance of the park – actually we entered from the side of the park, which had no entrance whatsoever.  You pay your $2.50 at the gate for parking, so there is basically nothing welcoming you to the park once you park your car and walk.  For the "real" entrance, you would have to park on the street and come through the old school entrance.

The first thing we saw was the classic "Whip" ride (as seen in the video with fantastic commentary by Rex).  We couldn't ride just yet though, food was a necessity.  After walking around and checking the "super burrito" restaurant that only served chicken nuggets, we finally found the "main restaurant" of the park.  This place was freakin awesome, with great fries and burgers and very reasonably priced.  Inside this restaurant is a marble and mirror backbar which was once part of the Denver Union Station (again, check it out in the video).  You really feel like you are experiencing a piece of Americana at this park!

After lunch, there was only one place to start.  Cyclone!  Rex and I jumped in line (after purchasing a bunch of specially priced .10 cent tickets) and were ready for the action.  They were having to direct the line back around the side of the entrance because everyone was pumped to be there.  The line moved quickly and we were ready to get in the very last car of the train.  After Rex did a superb job securing the video camera to a 1/2 pound plastic crate, we were ready to roll.  We had a brief discussion with the "brake guy" who wanted to know if our video camera was lightweight.  Anyway, off we go!  There is a very cool tunnel beginning to the ride followed by a super fun, jerky, bouncy, rib hurting experience.  It was great!  Two thumbs up from Rex and the Beast.  

After that experience, we headed over to the Wild Chipmunk.  I wanted to film Rex on this ride, so he was a lone rider for this one.  He enjoyed it, although it looked a bit low-tech to me.  It was about at this time that we decided to do some additional video footage at the front of the park.  After about 4 minutes of filming, we were instructed by a park employee that we needed to go see security about obtaining a video and photo release.  Wow, this is twice now RATB have been stopped in mid-action!  Rex went to check it out, and sure enough, we were no longer allowed to film, unless of course it was a "family photo."  LOL.  

It's all good though, we had a great time, got some great shots, and will definitely be back! 

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