Las Vegas Fright Dome

I must confess, the image to the left confuses me.  More on that later.

Rex and I are working hard to make Fright Dome a part of our Festival of Fear Tour 2011.  The haunt is located in Las Vegas, NV and features 5 haunted attractions in addition to shows and other mayhem.  This would once again mean our Festival of Fear would be a "coast to coast" operation, spanning from Orlando, FL to Las Vegas, NV.  What has really struck my attention is that two of the houses are themed on Michael Myers of Halloween fame.  These houses are:

Haddonfield Memorial Hospital
This is such a great concept.  One of the elements that makes Halloween 2 work so well are the creepy atmospheric images inside the hospital where Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is hiding from Myers.  The hospital is not invaded by psychos or other "scary" people, it is just the emptiness of the hospital itself on a late Halloween night that makes it work so well.  I am afraid that Fright Dome will feel the need to make the house a highly populated hospital filled with crazy people, which will be too bad.  But, at least it is still a Myers theme.

Michael Myers House
What a great idea!  Take tours of the Myers home!  I can't wait to see what this will be like.  However, I am a bit perturbed by the picture they are using to promote the haunt.  Take another look at the picture above.  If you are a die hard Halloween fan, you already know the problem.  If you aren't, then you could care less.  Here is the deal – this promotional picture uses the 1978 Carpenter's Halloween logo and merges it with the 2007 Rob Zombie Halloween remake for the house.  I mean, come one.  Anyone who is going to be pumped about the idea of a Myers house themed haunt wants the original (and better) house.  Chances are the actual haunt won't even have a front to look at, so the point will be moot.  But even in advertising, why use the remake house for something as iconic as Michael Myers?  Just doesn't make sense. 

Oh well, I am still excited about the possibility of checking out these houses and the rest of the haunts.  By the way, it has been rated as one of the top 5 scariest haunted attractions in the world.  More to come. . .

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