Less Than a Month Away


We are less than a month away from the next official RexandtheBeast trip.  We are heading down to Tampa, FL to visit the great Busch Gardens.  Busch Gardens holds a special place in the hearts of Rex and the Beast because it was at this park, many moons ago, that the all time greatest on-ride coaster picture was taken.

In a soon coming article and blog about the art of taking on-ride photos, I will be discussing why Rex and I are the all time masters.  I must say without hesitation that Rex even exceeds my own ability.  I have never met another on-ride picture taker who can hit the bullseye every single time.  It is really quite spectacular to watch and just another reason why RexandtheBeast trips are so enjoyable.

Anyway, in the next few days I will have the greatest on-ride coaster picture online for you to see, along with some other ride photos we have taken.  Till then!

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