Mission IOA 2 Universal Revenge


As part of the launching of RexandtheBeast.com, we have a little contest in which you can participate. We warn you, if you are not familiar with Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, this may be a bit tough for you – but give it a shot.

About a year ago we filmed a short film entitled Mission: IOA that was resoundingly well received by all 7 people who saw it – with a special nod to Rex's father-in-law who stated: "This is like a professional movie." You can view Mission: IOA in the videos section.

Well, due to the overwhelming response to Mission: IOA, we decided to film a sequel, which we entitled Universal Revenge. (It is also in the videos section).

However, in Universal Revenge, we added some tongue-in-cheek fun. We have interspersed in the dialogue several lines that are used in rides, queues, and other parts of Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. So, here is your challenge:

Email us with the lines that you recognize and the ride from USF or IOA that each line if from. You will get one point for each correct answer and lose one point for each guess that is wrong. The contest is open until February 1st, 2008, at which time we will determine the person who got the most points (or, if there is a tie we will draw a name from the persons who tied) and they will get a RexandtheBeast.com t-shirt and 5 RexandtheBeast.com stickers. But most important, they will go down as the first winner of any contest held by RexandtheBeast.com – a most prestigious distinction!

Have fun, and email us with those answers!

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