MuppetVision 3D is Safe has been reporting on a "major theater renovation and technical upgrade" for the MuppetVision 3D show at Disney Studios in Orlando, FL.  There also appears to be a new pre-show video in the works for the renovation.  My concern was that the content of the actual presentation would be changed, so I emailed our friend Lance to find out what he knew.

Thankfully, it appears that the film itself will be upgraded into digital 3D but will not be affected in terms of its content.  This is great news in two parts:  1.  The film was looking incredibly old and worn out.  It was due a re-haul.  2.  This is one of, if not the funniest show at Disney (or in Orlando), thanks largely in part to Sam Eagle.  I would have been distressed if they were going to change the actual film itself.

Top lines from MuppetVision 3D include:

Kermit – "Looks like the lab got. . . . .sucked up"

Kermit the Frog: We will also see a rousing finale from Sam the Eagle. What's it called, Sam?
Sam the Eagle: It's called "A Salute to All Nations, But Mostly America". 

Kermit the Frog: Sam, are you ready with that finale?
Sam the Eagle: It's a glorious three-hour finale!
Kermit the Frog: You got a minute and a half.   

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